We specialise in the following products and applications and are able to offer to Customers an efficient service in the supply and delivery of both pricing and also supply and delivery of the products and fabrications listed below:-


Thermal insulation work in the temperature range of -40c to 650c

Acoustic insulation to plant and structures.


Sheet metal cladding manufactured from:-

304 & 316 stainless steel Bright Annealed, 2B, 240 Grit polished, Rigidized

aluminium, plain, stucco, white acrylic coated

HP200 Plastisol to the colour of your choice


Flexible Finishes

Liquid Plastics Steridex



Insulated Flexible Covers

Insulated matts in silicon cloth, blue, grey and aluminium coated.


Trace Heating and control for Frost Protection and Process applications 110v and 240v